IT Recruitment

Our team of human resource professionals, specializes in providing IT profiles in the short term.

We find all the IT resources that your company needs, even if they are difficult or rare to find in the market, guaranteeing the submission of quality profiles.

Our IT Recruitment services:

IT Selection

IT Selection

Entirely solve the search, evaluation, selection and incorporation of IT staff.

We recruit qualified personnel according to the needs and requests of each client.

Phone Screen

In many cases, it is faster to phone screen candidates that interview them in our offices.

This especially applies to candidates who are away from the office, or in another country, province, state, or have limited availability times to move to the interview.

Performing a phone screen, does not eliminate the possibility of personal interviews.

Express Recruitment

This modality is ideal for companies that need to fill IT positions urgently.

We achieve shorten the search time recruiting only those candidates who are in our database, or have been evaluated for other searches, by shortening stages and interviews in the selection process.

Virtual Recruitment

The video interviews and other virtual recruitment techniques are gaining space within the recruitment strategies.

Video Conferencing allows candidates to be interviewed, without having to go to an appointment in person.

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